Images of Glory

Day 2: After
Darth_Stewie revamps some areas in Ugnaut Week Day 2.
Czerka Facility
Darth Alran's lovingly detailed MP level is being finished off by Darth_Stewie.
I like it.

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Goto The Admiral's Command Chamber

3D Acceleration Fix for JK and MotS

Having trouble running JK or MotS with 3D Acceleration enabled? Then, try this fix. (The fix should work for BOTH ATI AND Nvidia cards, and if it works, then you won't need to use old drivers). Simply put the ddraw.dll (downloadable zip file) in the folder with your JK.EXE or JKM.EXE file and start JK or MotS normally.


Massassi Level Pack

I don't know if you already know this, but anyway :

Good luck :D

Steam Curation!

Ever wanted to find my favorite games to play for yourself? Watch this video to find out more:

Also, check out this project's screenshot titled, "A Brilliant Analogy". It's a very appropriate sentiment.

Another JK Review For You!

This one took about 3 days of work, and man! Was it exhausting. Hope you enjoy my review of "Steal the Bottle II: Booze is a Mankiller". Watch it here:

Don't drink and drive, kiddies.

Public Beta #2

Some Sunday afternoon in October. You guys pick the date. See project forums for more information.

Level 2 (almost) Complete

Seem to have been working on level 2 forever. I had secret areas in it, but I've deleted them all. WHY?! WHY WOULD I DO THAT?! - because when you're on a ship that you're racing to save, it kinda ruins the atmosphere to have people trying to find secret areas doesn't it?

Hard decision, but sometimes deleting is the way to go.

Anyhow - the glorified cutscene that is level 2 is nearly done. Temple building, my favourite bit, is around the corner.

And there will be zombie stormtroopers :D

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